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 Clean Slate system of Measurement

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Clean Slate system of Measurement Empty
PostSubject: Clean Slate system of Measurement   Clean Slate system of Measurement Icon_minitime11.09.08 0:33

After reading the decimal time thread, I thought about revamping the entire measurement system.
1. Start with base twelve for counting. Ten is divisible by only 2 and 5.
Twelve is divisible by 2,3,4,6. Sixty is even better 2,3,4,5,6,12,15,20,30.
2. Metric was built around water as a base to build measuring systems around, I like that. But length needs to be based on a more universal segment. Velocity can be based on the speed of light in a vacuum, and from there I suppose we could maintain the existing second, minute, hour system based on Earth's rotation. After that we could derive our base twelve length segment. Then we can use the metric water relation method to build from there, just in increments of twelve.
3. We could leave our angle system alone 360 degree, 60 minute, 60 second.
4. Temperature maybe 0 degrees melting point to 360 degrees boiling point of water.
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Clean Slate system of Measurement
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