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 Violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics

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PostSubject: Violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics   20.04.10 12:55

"Modified Feynman ratchet with velocity-dependent fluctuations"
"Such randomness-breaking can spontaneously obtain via interaction between Brownian-motional Doppler effects --- which manifest the required velocity-dependence --- and system geometrical asymmetry"
"Uncompensated decreases in total entropy,
challenging the second law of thermodynamics, are thereby implied
."    mdpi.com/1099-4300/6/1/76/pdf

An adiabatic (non-convective) volume of gas has a temperature gradient - the lapse dT/dz=-g/Cp is gas specific -- the gas can have temperature less than convective, and conduction downward will be toward ~adiabatic. (radiation tends to isothermal, and gravity which tends to adiabatic)

A radiator feeding into a light pipe on the bottom -- The temperature of the bottom can be transferred to the top (photons lapse only a little due to gravity) -- run a heat engine between the difference

Converting thermal energy to mechanical,
through gravitational asymmetry
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PostSubject: Re: Violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics   12.05.10 21:25

Prove it.

Good f'ing luck.
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Violating the Second Law of Thermodynamics
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